ProjectManager tools

ProjectManager continues to evolve its products based on market demands, with the understanding that many project managers wish to migrate from Microsoft Project or the Google Apps variety to a more affordable or efficient PM solution. ProjectManager allows importing data from Microsoft Project and Google Apps.

To facilitate support for global teams, the ProjectManager interface is available in multiple languages, and supports multiple currencies and cultural preferences. This online project management service can easily manage multiple projects, expenses, time tracking, issues, risks, changes, workloads, resources, reports and documents.

New features added in the last year include full integration with Google . Google Chrome’s market share is currently over 50 percent, so ProjectManager now supports Google Chrome and integrates with its applications. The solution allows you to update tasks using Gmail, add Google Docs to projects, import Google contacts and add Google Calendar events to ProjectManager. It also includes new integrations with Microsoft Outlook and free iPad/iPhone apps available to subscribers.

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