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10 most valued soft skills

According to CareerBuilder.com the top 10 most valued soft skills are: 1. Strong work ethic. Includes motivation and dedication to doing a good job. 2. Positive attitude in the office. 3. Communication skills. Listening is a rare skill among executives. 4. Time management. 5. Problem-solving skills. 6. Teamwork. 7. Self-confidence. 8. Accept and learn from […]

Popular phrases every PMP should know

Popular phrases every PMP should know Being a project manager can be a tough job. A little folk wisdom to inspire us to keep leading our teams and advance our careers doesn’t hurt. That’s why we compiled some of the most accurate phrases for project managers and those looking for motivation to pursue that career: […]

11 alternative certifications to PMP

While it is true that the average salary of people certified as Project Management Professional (PMP)® by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® is higher than that of other certifications, it is good to know that there are other alternatives. That is, you don’t necessarily have to choose the PMI certification if you want to have […]

ProjectManager tools

ProjectManager continues to evolve its products based on market demands, with the understanding that many project managers wish to migrate from Microsoft Project or the Google Apps variety to a more affordable or efficient PM solution. ProjectManager allows importing data from Microsoft Project and Google Apps. To facilitate support for global teams, the ProjectManager interface […]

Virtual teams and project management

It is very common today for most of us to divide our time and energy between the real world and the virtual world. In our real world, there are work meetings, parties with family and friends, sports, physical exercise and the daily chores that supplement our lives. Then there is the virtual world with conference […]

What does a robotics engineer do?

A robot has three distinct facets, each of which is related to a traditional field of study: 1. Hardware —This is the physical aspect of the robot, such as a mechanical arm, a drone vehicle or a miniature probe. Robots move using sophisticated systems of hydraulics and pneumatics. They also have vast arrays of delicate sensors, […]